American Spirit

Mothlight - American Spirit

Though often oddly overlooked by the rest of the country, the San Diego music scene has quietly remained a hotbed for some truly awesome bands. Some have modestly achieved great things while keeping their feet planted solidly in San Diego, others have thanked us for the good times and moved on to the greener pastures of Los Angeles and New York, and others still have churned out some stellar tunes without ever receiving their due. However, even in light of its past excellence, the San Diego music scene is in the throes of what should be considered a notable renaissance and is currently saturated with an impressively diverse range of talent.

Well, guess what kids? Now there’s yet another San Diego band for you to get excited about. I speak of Mothlight, the dreamy experimental pop project of one Matt Billings. Actually, Billings has been recording and performing with a revolving door of collaborators for a few years now, but my first experience with his actual music — beyond hearing him play a little acoustic guitar at a mutual friend’s house now and then — is this rough mix of the striking title track of his upcoming EP American Spirit.

Produced and mixed by Ryan Solomon of the awesomely monikered, standout San Diego band DUDES, “American Spirit” is an at-once lush and minimal drift through absorbing melodies and ethereal atmospheres, guitar-driven and yet tastefully accented with flourishes of synth and head-nod inducing beats. A cause for excitement, indeed. Check out the initial mix down below and ponder the promised excellence of the soon-to-be-finished product.

American Spirit MixXx UNO by Mothlight