Visual Mix: “Face of Another”

I’m very excited to finally bring you the “Face of Another” mix, a special live set by DJ ill spectre (yours truly) that also showcases some hypnotic visual work by the talented Marilia Maschion.

This has been floating around in the ether for a while now— originally conceived as a mix for some friends that passed through on tour, then expanded to a 2 hour set for MOPA‘s “POP Thursdays”, later distilled to a shorter visual set performed at the West Ivy Warehouse parties, expanded once again to a 2 hour visual set performed at The Whistle Stop, and then refined further to what you have in front of you today. For me, this is by far the finest permutation of the mix. Marilia’s visuals, which feature a series of expertly manipulated scenes from some of our favorite films, give it a truly cinematic quality.

We hope you enjoy it! You can stream the visual mix up above (I’d recommend HD and full-screen viewing). If you’d simply like to stream or download the audio, you can do so below. Check out the cover art, mix tracklist, and visual setlist after the jump.

Face of Another by DJ ill spectre

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DJ ill spectre

DJ ill spectre

DJ ill spectre: 75% less cool IRL [Photo by Christine Herde]

Well, it’s officially been waaaay too long since I’ve posted here. I really miss having the time to write about music consistently! I’ve been very busy with a few projects, including grindin’ on the DJ side of things and starting a warehouse party series centered on deep and dance-oriented electronic music with some very talented friends. I hope to see ya’ll at the next one; I’ll be sure to post the details here.

The way things are going, it’s likely I will continue to be engrossed in such endeavors, however I’d like to return to sharing some things here even if it’s not quite in the same mode. I am still insatiably consuming new music. My taste has always been in a perpetual state of evolution, but with my focus now turning more to DJing and live mixing, I find myself delving deeper intro various styles of electronic music — bass, UK garage, house, trap, juke, post-dubstep, night bus, etc — which anyone following my blog’s Facebook feed can attest to. As such, I find that I’ve been far less preoccupied with listening to full-length albums and more in tune with an endless torrent of EPs, 12-inches, singles, remixes, bootlegs, blog exclusives, mixes, and incoming tracks on SoundCloud.

Look out for my latest live mix, which drops this week and features some awesome visual accompaniment courtesy of the impressive eye and skilled hand of Marilia Maschion. Peep the dates for upcoming DJ ill spectre gigs down below.

Liquid Geometry Presents: MORRI$, Misk (EP Release), DJ ill spectre, Strangr, and Jalen
Kava Lounge
2812 Kettner Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92101
July 19th, 9pm, 21+

So Say We All Presents: VAMP
The Whistle Stop
2236 Fern Street
San Diego, CA 92104
July 26th, 8pm, 21+, No cover

West Ivy Warehouse Party w/ gEars, [Jason Begin], CUTMOD, and DJ ill spectre
West Ivy Warehouse
935 West Ivy Street
San Diego, CA 92101
August 11th, 9pm, 21+, No cover