ON REPEAT: AWE – “Crystals”

AWE - "Crystals"

ON REPEAT is a new feature at Chickens Don’t Clap! that draws special attention to my favorite, faaaavorite tracks. It’s all love here, but these jams are the cream of the crop in my world right now.

Young Los Angeles producer AWE has been compiling notable accolades since his debut EP Eagle Soul dropped on Terrorhythm last May. Though that release dipped a little too far into the hardstyle-trap set for my tastes, it remains an impressive collection of massive, genre-blending tracks that run the gamut from ice cold festival bro-bangers to warm, melody-driven vibe-out anthems.

More recently, AWE’s following has been losing its collective shit over his latest offering, “Crystals”, ever since Plastician premiered the track on his Rinse FM show last year. It’s been a long wait for its release in this Internet-defined epoch, but this bit of triumphant future-bass wizardry finally arrived in full 320kbps non-radio rip form this week. “Crystals” unquestionably finds AWE at his most Rustie; the builds, drops, breakdowns, layers of excellent melodies, serious low-end grooves, and then that lead synth that rides in at 4:17? Jeeeeeeez. It’s over.

It might’ve been best to strike when the iron was hottest, but this track is killer enough that AWE should find himself with legions of new fans. As an added bonus, we now also get Djemba Djemba‘s hyped up chipmunk-Jpop DnB remix as a companion piece. Well worth the wait, I’d say.

Disclosure: “F For You” (Feat. Mary J Blige)

Not to be so ALL THINGS DISCLOSURE, but there’s no way I could avoid posting this excellent reboot of Settle pop-house gem “F For You”, now featuring Mary J Blige. It’s safe to say that this version blows the original out of the water. Who knew Mary J could play that anthemic club diva role so well? Here’s hoping this track marks a new path in her career, because she absolutely slays it… wow!

Wandl: “Prunk”

gold-chain-necklace-5791152 (1)

In 2014, it goes without saying that the average listener has an absurd amount of new music at their fingertips. Streaming services, music publications, mp3 blogs, artist uploaded tracks and mixes, exclusive LP previews, live concert streams, endless YouTube uploading, rampant piracy… all saturating the internet with music that’s free for the listening (or taking). For an obsessive like myself, just sorting through the amount of good tunes I come across in a given week can be a daunting task these days.

One of my favorites from the dozens of new tracks I’ve dug on recently comes from Vienna-based producer Wandl. At the forefront of this raw and sludgy little banger is a rattling bass-fuzz that would almost feel more at home on a moody post-punk jam. But Wandl smoothly folds this into an array of abrasive, yet melodic sounds– the rusty edges of this cut tempered by his keen sense of melody and the head-nod inducing swing of the rhythms.

Nice work, Wandl. Stream or download “Prunk” below.

Bishop Nehru: “You Stressin” [prod. by Disclosure]

Bishop Nehru - You Stressin' [prod. by Disclosure]

After their considerable success in 2013, it would have been an easy and lucrative move for Disclosure to go all Coldplay/Dad-EDM crossover on us. Luckily, the brothers Lawrence have instead decided to continue their constant evolution and growth by dropping a slick Dilla-influenced hip-hop scorcher with New York’s latest wunderkind up-and-comer Bishop Nehru on the raps. Equal parts back-to-basics boom-bap and forward-thinking future vibe, Disclosure’s production on “You Stressin” delivers in refreshing and unexpected ways while Bishop’s flow deftly glides in and out of the stuttering synth bubbles and drum slaps.

Look for this single to drop on Disclosure’s Method Records imprint soon. Also be advised that Bishop Nehru and the one and only MF DOOM will be dropping their collab LP NehruvianDOOM in the near future, so don’t sleep on this kid.

DJ ill spectre: “Astro Jump”

“Astro Jump” cover art by Sonny Romeri.

New post, old mix. Feels good to be back, though.

In case you missed it, here’s the first live mix I put together for Kill Quanti’s monthly “Astro Jump” night at The Whistle Stop. Good times rockin’ sets with Yung Satan, the homie Hghwnd (formerly Kynan) and of course the very talented KQ DJs. Much love to all y’all! ‘Til next time… vibe out to these #emotionaltrap vibes. <3 <3 <3