Japandroids by Ilan Schraer

Artwork by Ilan Schraer.

With support dropping from the Wavves camp faster than you can say “Primavera meltdown“, some of you may be looking for some new pop-leaning noise-rock to wash that bad taste out of your brain. Well, if you’ve missed them thus far, Vancouver guitar & drum duo Japandroids just might fit the bill. Though not nearly as grating as Nathan Williams’ bedroom punk — L.A. noise-rockers No Age are probably a more accurate comparison — Japandroids still know their way around a distortion pedal.

Post-Nothing is a bedlam of raucous garage-punk and gritty 90s alt-rock that thunders past in a fit of youthful nostalgia. Youthful being the keyword — Brian King and David Prowse drop the word “heart” in two different song titles, spill their guts like drunken, patience-testing teenagers, wail about being “crazy forever” in the appropriately titled “Crazy/Forever”, and talk about girls in at least half of the tracks. Yet, it all really comes off as more endearing than obnoxious. This may be music unabashedly imbued with familiarity, but Japandroids simply want to transport us back to a time when we might have triumphantly screamed along with them.

“Young Hearts Spark Fire” cranks up the angsty anthemics about as high as they’ll go. Guitar and drums crescendo into an all-out blitz, collapse into a brief moment of respite, only to build right back up as King and Prowse engage in a dual vocal attack full of lines fit for shouting off rooftops after passing around a bottle.

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Download: Japandroids – Young Hearts Spark Fire
Buy: Order Post-Nothing directly from Polyvinyl Records as CD or LP (either of which comes with a free mp3 download). Also, be sure to check them out on their re-scheduled tour of North America that kicks off on June 24th (click here for dates).

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  1. That track feels like a combination of Broken Social Scene and pre-“Relationship of Command” At the Drive-In. It also reminds me a bit of that other short lived Canadian band Despistado. Remember them?

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