Songs of 2010: “Shutterbugg”

Big Boi - Shutterbugg

Big Boi – “Shutterbugg” (Feat. Cutty)
Chickens Don’t Clap!: #2, Treble: #1

Every time I listen to this song feels like the first time.  No joke; I’m convinced it’s impossible to not start bobbin’ your head as soon as that bubbling, talkboxed a cappella bass line drops. Smooth and raucous at once, the in-your-face wall-of-bass production from Scott Stortch and Big Boi is nothing short of monumental and has all the makings of another classic for the annals of hip-hop history. Three Stacks is rapping again now and then, but on “Shutterbugg” Big Boi reminds you with gusto that he never really stopped. His quick, forceful delivery is effortless, tying together playful humor and real talk with slick wordplay and typical charisma (“And across the border the Esé’s are getting smarter / They got flour for tortillas and lettuce for enchiladas / If you follow, wink wink / No doubt we don’t speak / In a blink, them folks could have you sleeping in the clink”). The music video will also forever be inextricably entwined with this jam, at least in my mind: Tron Suit dancers, a towering wall of Dixie cups, Big Boi scaling a mountain of shoes, The Most Valuable Puppet Band, a Dungeon Fam cameo, AND a Technicolor Cadillac? The list goes on and on and on — can’t forget to mention that epic Soul II Soul reference — but to make a loooong story short, “Shutterbugg” is simply another in a series of perfect singles from a member OutKast.

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