Can I Get There By Candlelight?

Chickens Don't Clap! - Can I Get There By Candlelight

Photo by Allison Spurlock.

Chickens Don’t Clap! mix #2 is in full effect. “Can I Get There By Candlelight?” is a bit darker than my last, my fascination turning to the stuttering glitch and hazy drone of some pensive electronic tunes. Like all my mixes, this was mixed live via Torq.

As noted, that sweet cover art was provided by the talented Allison Spurlock. Check her Flickr account at the link above.

You can stream or download the mix down below and check the full tracklist after the jump. Hope ya dig!

Chickens Don’t Clap! – Can I Get There By Candlelight?

01. Apparat – “Sayulita”
02. Egyptrixx – “Chrysalis” (Feat. Trust)
03. Mount Kimbie – “Before I Move Off”
04. Big Spider’s Back – “Pyramids at Night”
05. Keep Shelly in Athens – “Fokionos Negri Street”
06. Phaseone – “Right Wrong”
07. Nicolas Jaar – “I Got A”
08. Kingdom – “Fogs”
09. James Blake – “I Mind”