What Up Kells?

R. Kelly, in his seeming omniscience, could sense that “Trapped in the Closet” fans were in need of a serious R. Kelly-spun-tale-of-betrayal-and-drama fix. So now he provides us with a little taste on “Same Girl”. [SPOILER] Why would twins in fact have the same tattoo, live in the same house, have the same job, have the same license plate, and both “love some Waffle House”… those are the kinds of questions Kells doesn’t want to have to answer. And only a hater would ask them anyhow.

2 thoughts on “What Up Kells?

  1. R. Kelly has proved that talking is for chumps and from here on out I will be singing all of my everyday conversations. I’m singing this post in my head right now. Thanks Kell’s.

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