From Nothing to Nowhere


In typical fashion, Rob Crow just keeps kickin’ out the jams. Along with his solo effort Living Well and the Other Men’s Wake Up Swimming, Pinback‘s latest will be the third album released by one of his various projects this year. Autumn of the Seraphs begins with more energy than one might expect; on the opener “From Nothing to Nowhere”, Pinback’s characteristically strong melodies are driven home with relentless fractured guitars and Crow’s vocals that shift from call-and-response wails to breathy croons. However, for the most part, the album retains the subdued complexity found on previous works. And while Pinback does what it does well… I kinda wish they would expand upon their sound a bit more. Rob Crow has proven he has no problem tackling other genres of rock with his ever-growing list of projects, so why not push the existing bands further? That being said, there are some great tracks on Autumn of the Seraphs and though it may not surpass Summer in Abaddon, most fans will probably be satisfied.


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Download: Pinback – From Nothing to Nowhere

Download: Pinback – Good to Sea (removed by request)
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