New Brian Wilson: Midnight’s Another Day

Brian Wilson

Following the long overdue realization of SMiLE after 35 years, the album that many hold to be his masterpiece, Brian Wilson plans on unveiling his latest material on September 10th at London’s Royal Festival Hall. What’s even better is that he posted a song from the upcoming That Lucky Old Sun (A Narrative) on his website about a week and a half ago, which I hadn’t heard about until this morning (via Stereogum)… and I’m actually enjoying it quite a bit. Though Brian Wilson’s solo career has been hampered by the many complications of his personal life and has met mostly mixed critical response (outside of SMiLE, obviously), perhaps the completion of his great, lost project has revitalized his songwriting. “Midnight’s Another Day” doesn’t quite approach the insane genius of SMiLE or Pet Sounds, but it’s definitely solid, somber Brian Wilson. And even though I automatically question the use of spoken word in this new project, this song makes the Wilson-fanatic in me a little more excited.

Stream it over at Brian Wilson’s website.