Post-Strawberry Jam Animal Collective

Whaaa??? I mean, I realize that in the internet age music listeners have widened their spectrums, shortened their attention spans, expect instant gratification, and now become bored with most albums before they’re even officially released, but the fact that heads are already diggin’ post-Strawberry Jam Animal Collective jams is still a bit ridiculous to me. That aside, these songs sound amazing. How do these guys do it? Well, as long as they keep it up… who the hell cares how. Check out all three new songs from their performance at the MIDI Festival. (via Gorilla vs. Bear)

1: “Tasty Place”, 2: “Material Things”

“Walk Around”

Remember, the fantastic Strawberry Jam comes out on Sept. 11th. Pre-order it from Insound if you haven’t already.

Edit: It’s been slow around here, I know. I’m working on a short film with my girlfriend and some friends right now and will pick up a more regular posting pattern after our weekend shoot. In the meantime, I somehow missed this gem from the various MIDI Festival videos, but here’s “Brother Sport” in case you missed it too: