Drugs to the Dear Youth (And We’re Back…)

Somehow it’s been three weeks since my last post. It seems like every couple months my time just gets eaten up by something. Well, I’m back… and I plan to get into a groove before I start my Fall classes and just ride that groove until finals. Let’s start with something that’ll kick my brain into gear:

Tera Melos - Drugs to the Dear Youth

Tera Melos, one of my favorite bands right now, put out their Drugs to the Dear Youth EP earlier this year in an extremely limited vinyl release. They encouraged fans who bought the vinyl to rip and upload the EP to any and all P2P networks so that other fans could get their fix when the vinyl sold out. And upload they did… however, the rips were all of fairly terrible quality (trust me, I heard a couple of ’em). This unfortunate fact has, in part, driven Tera Melos to re-release this fine piece of music on Springman Records in CD form.

Not exactly a light listen, Drugs to the Dear Youth is arguably the most challenging record I’ve heard all year (not to mention one of the best-titled). Prior to this release, Tera Melos had once been referred to as a mixture between Ornette Coleman and Converge; yet, Drugs seems to fit that basic mold even more so than their untitled debut album, as it finds Tera Melos approaching their ferocious, electronica-tinged, instrumental blend of post-hardcore, metalcore, math rock, and post-rock from a perspective that resembles free jazz more than anything else.

The resulting EP is chock-full of beautiful noise, mind-boggling complexities, and some captivating melodies. Though certainly brutal, and at times schizophrenic, Drugs to the Dear Youth has been one of just a handful of albums released this year that have been especially difficult to set aside. So, for those who missed out on the vinyl release, I’d recommend you pick this up now.


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Download: Tera Melos – The Werewolf and Ben
Buy: Order Drugs to the Dear Youth over at the Tera Melos Merchsquad Store.

Those who dig this should check out the new track, “When Worms Learn to Fly”, from their upcoming split with By the End of Tonight on the Tera Melos myspace page. Are those vocals!?


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