Broke Up the Time

The Futureheads

The last Futureheads album, News and Tributes, was met with somewhat of a mixed response from critics and fans when it was released back in June of 2006 — perhaps understandably as it seemed to lack some of the energetic immediacy of their self-titled debut. However, after spending some time with the album, some ultimately began to revise their initial thoughts, myself included. Though it may not be as instantly accessible as the first record, it reveals its subtleties on repeated listens, showing a more calculating, mature side of these infectious post-punkers.

That being said, those who weren’t huge fans of News and Tributes should be glad to know that the first track to be revealed from the Futureheads’ upcoming, yet-to-be-titled third effort finds the band harnessing a straightforward, punk-centered sound that recalls the feel of their debut record. “Broke Up the Time” is essentially three minutes of unfettered energy; a relentless onslaught of power chords and an angst-ridden, sick-of-it-all lyrical barrage. And it wouldn’t really be a Futureheads song if it wasn’t all masterfully accented with their trademark vocal harmonies. These guys are sounding as solid and catchy as ever.

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Download: The Futureheads – Broke Up the Time
Buy: No word yet on a specific release date for the upcoming album, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Futureheads camp announces one soon.

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