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The Night Marchers - See You in Magic

The Night Marchers is the latest project from one of San Diego’s most prolific musicians, the ever-rocking John Reis. Having disbanded all of his previously existing bands over the last couple years, it was only a matter of time before he appeared back on the scene again… and, as usual, the man does not disappoint.

In some ways, this project feels like a vehicle for Reis to revisit and intertwine elements of his past works into one. The most obvious comparison would probably be the Sultans, as homages to rockabilly are prominent in each of these bands, but the riffs are definitely heavier and the guitar work in general is more of the in-your-face variety (think Hot Snakes and Rocket from the Crypt). Paired with a strong vocal performance (in a series of strong vocal performances) from Reis, the Night Marchers have kicked out an unabashedly fun rock record full of hooks and dark, hyper-sexualized lyrics. And it really works.

The album’s certainly not perfect; it starts out strong, but loses some steam towards the end with a couple less memorable rockers and a penultimate song that feels a little too Dandy Warhols-like for this record (so does the closer, really, but it seems to work better). Yet, let’s be honest… in most anyone else’s hands an attempt at this kind of album would probably come off as completely played out. But, it seems that when he’s doing this kind of balls-out, unapologetic rock ‘n roll, John Reis is simply in his element.

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Download: The Night Marchers – Closed for Inventory
Buy: Order See You in Magic from the Vagrant Records store

You can also check out some more songs (“Whose Lady R U” and “In Dead Sleep (I Snore Zzzz)” are especially awesome) from The Night Marchers’ debut at their myspace (linked above).

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