We Gettin’ Wavey

Wave Racer - "Stoopid" / "Rock U Tonight"

Wave Racer’s SoundCloud artist statement: “I┬álike vocoders and arpeggios”

Wave Racer is certainly a practitioner, if not upper clergy, in the church of Rustie; a deft maximalist dedicated to making huge, hyped-up ravey jams in a way that recalls contemporaries like 813, AWE, Alizzz, Cashmere Cat, and the aforementioned Pope of the Maximal. That’s not to say he doesn’t bring his own unique take to the style. Floating somewhere in the sonic netherworld between trap, rave, jersey club, and future bass, Wave Racer’s handful of tracks released thus far bear the marks of a producer that has nowhere to go but up.

From the clean production, tight drum sounds, slick sample work, massive energy, inspired synth tones, right on down to the little studio punch-ins that accent his excellent first single “Stoopid”, he’s pretty much hitting all points with pitch-perfect precision. And now you can download “Stoopid” and the also killer b-side “Rock U Tonight” for free. Peep the stream and download link below.

Bonus: Wave Racer’s remix of Ghost Town DJ’s immortal “My Boo” is also necessary listening. I DJed a party a few weeks ago and just had to this track back to back…. people went OFF.

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