Bishop Nehru: “You Stressin” [prod. by Disclosure]

Bishop Nehru - You Stressin' [prod. by Disclosure]

After their considerable success in 2013, it would have been an easy and lucrative move for Disclosure to go all Coldplay/Dad-EDM crossover on us. Luckily, the brothers Lawrence have instead decided to continue their constant evolution and growth by dropping a slick Dilla-influenced hip-hop scorcher with New York’s latest wunderkind up-and-comerĀ Bishop Nehru on the raps. Equal parts back-to-basics boom-bap and forward-thinking future vibe, Disclosure’s production on “You Stressin” delivers in refreshing and unexpected ways while Bishop’s flow deftly glides in and out of the stuttering synth bubbles and drum slaps.

Look for this single to drop on Disclosure’s Method Records imprint soon. Also be advised that Bishop Nehru and the one and only MF DOOM will be dropping their collab LPĀ NehruvianDOOM in the near future, so don’t sleep on this kid.

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