Wandl: “Prunk”

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In 2014, it goes without saying that the average listener has an absurd amount of new music at their fingertips. Streaming services, music publications, mp3 blogs, artist uploaded tracks and mixes,¬†exclusive LP previews, live concert streams, endless YouTube uploading, rampant piracy… all saturating the internet with music that’s free for the listening (or taking). For an obsessive like myself, just sorting through the amount of good tunes I come across in a given week can be a daunting task these days.

One of my favorites from the dozens of new tracks I’ve dug on recently comes from Vienna-based producer¬†Wandl. At the forefront of this raw and sludgy little banger is a rattling bass-fuzz that would almost feel more at home on a moody post-punk jam. But Wandl smoothly folds this into an array of abrasive, yet melodic sounds– the rusty edges of this cut tempered by his keen sense of melody and the head-nod inducing swing of the rhythms.

Nice work, Wandl. Stream or download “Prunk” below.

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