Julio Bashmore: “Peppermint” (feat. Jessie Ware)

Julio Bashmore and Jessie Ware, who already have a number of impressive collaborative works under their belt,¬†recently dropped a new addictive and dance floor-ready jam. “Peppermint” effortlessly fuses timeless house vibes with a decidedly contemporary UK-pop bend that recalls Brit counterparts Disclosure. That being said, this track is unmistakably Bashmore– the lush synths, pulsating sub bass, remarkable builds, those 909 claps and that¬†groove. And, of course, Jessie Ware’s vocal work is as on-point as ever.

It’s also nice to see Bashmore recover from his previous single “Duccy”, which was one of the first tracks I ever saw roundly panned by the typically positive SoundCloud community. Perhaps “Duccy” was a failed attempt at minimalism, but “Peppermint” makes no such missteps. Expert production right here.

Watch the awesome stop-motion animated video for “Peppermint” above, which explores evolution, the cosmic (dis)order of nature, and creating infinitely from a small handful of building blocks as an allegory for house music.

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