ON REPEAT: Flying Lotus – “Never Catch Me” (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

Flying Lotus - "You're Dead!"

ON REPEAT is a feature at Chickens Don’t Clap! that draws special attention to my favorite, faaaavorite tracks. It’s all love here, but these jams are the cream of the crop in my world right now.

To be honest, Flying Lotus‘ latest LP, Until the Quiet Comes, felt like a bit of a step back from the ball of frantic and uncompromising energy that was 2010’s Cosmogramma. But that’s probably an unfair comparison in the first place given that, in my opinion, Cosmogramma is Steven Ellison’s masterpiece, unlikely to be surpassed by any of the man’s subsequent works, no matter their quality. At least, that was my opinion before I heard the two new tracks that Ellison has revealed— “Moment of Hesitation” and “Never Catch Me”— from his upcoming LP You’re Dead!, due out Oct. 7th on Warp Records.

Both tracks solidify that not only has FlyLo returned to the ambitious jazz-influenced textures of his 2010 masterwork, but he appears to be pushing those sounds into incredible new territory. In particular, his much anticipated collaboration with the young God Kendrick Lamar showcases the best of all artists involved. Flying Lotus and Thundercat have created the kind of spastic and layered composition that completely melts all expectations. Only a handful of other MCs besides Kendrick could capably navigate this dense soundscape, but I doubt any could do so as gracefully and powerfully. “Never Catch Me” is nearly smothered by the complexity of it all, yet remains anchored by the strongest of grooves and is peppered with the perfect moments of respite. No one oversteps and steals any of the limelight— all shine equally, each a virtuoso in their own right, balanced against one another perfectly.

It might be a bit premature to start chanting “album of the year!”, but take a listen to “Moment of Hesitation” (featuring the old God Herbie Hancock) and try to tell me you don’t want to start making proclamations too. Oh, this LP preview doesn’t hurt either. Brace yourselves, kiddos.

Pre-order You’re Dead! over at Bleep right now.

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