Ryan Hemsworth & Tomggg: “Cream Soda”


To celebrate his upcoming tour of Japan, Ryan Hemsworth went and dropped an excellent collab with Japanese producer and Maltine Records-affiliate Tomggg a couple weeks go. It should come as no surprise that this track has been in heavy rotation ever since.

On “Cream Soda”, saccharine melodies as sweet as the song’s namesake float along with the whimsy of Earthbound (which receives a deserved nod in the single’s awesome artwork above) and ultimately crescendo into jaw-dropping, nearly tear-inducing heights of joy. Only Hemsworth could flip a “Move That Dope” sample into a track this adorable so effortlessly— whippin’-and-flippin’ the yam never felt so kawaii. Tomggg’s hand is also palpable here, as his distinctive use of those metallic xylophone samples really carries this composition.

Stream and download this triumphant gem below… good luck trying to turn it off once you do.

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