Aquarian: Aquarian EP + “Soma”


Earlier this week, Brooklyn’s stellar rave-agitator Aquarian released his latest EP: a self-titled plunge into his familiar niche of cold, cascading techno. These new tunes stand out as more polished than previous works without sacrificing the producer’s dark and gritty edge, propelled by unstoppable acid blips and a more prominent integration of classic breaks like Lyn Collins’ indelible jungle and Bmore club “Think (About It)” loop and the Godfather of all breakbeats, the Amen break. A welcome further exploration of the intersection of techno, jungle, acid, and bass music, the four originals on Aquarian occasionally recall the strengths of some of the finer Modern Love works— most notably on the massive “Event Horizon”, which swells and crashes under spastic Amen flips and heavy industrial drum stutters. Supported by a couple noteworthy remixes from Throwing Snow and Nautiluss, this is not an EP to sleep on.

Aquarian is out now on UNO NYC. Pick up a copy at Juno or on iTunes.

Check out the video for opening track “SOMA” below, which features sounds and visuals alike that build upon disquieting beauty before opening up into a frantic, blistering assault of pulsing, propulsive arcs and cuts.

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