Andy Stott: “Violence” + New LP


With the March release of Millie & Andrea‘s Drop the Vowels — the debut collaborative LP of Modern Love labelmates Andy Stott and Miles Whittaker (of Demdike Stare) — I didn’t expect we’d get to hear too much else from Stott in 2014. I’m glad to know that I was completely wrong about that, as Andy recently dropped the first single from Faith in Strangers, his forthcoming follow-up to 2012’s masterful Luxury Problems.

“Violence”, which welcomely features the vocal work of Luxury Problems collaborator Alison Skidmore, takes the unsettling calm and crushing ominousness indicative of Stott’s recent works and pushes them into an even more extreme diametric balance. The track begins with an interplay of whispering synth drones and Skidmore’s breathy vocals, a nearly serene soundscape blackened by a permeating sense of dread and sporadic flourishes of piercing, harsh tones. The relative tranquillity eventually succumbs to a growing crescendo as Skidmore’s vocals rise from faint murmurs to more forceful ethereal intonations and Stott begins to layer drum tracks and menacing, rattling low-end. Ultimately, any semblance of serenity is utterly torn asunder by the cacophony. This track is heavy, even by Andy Stott’s standards.

Look for Faith in Strangers to drop on November 18th via Modern Love. If this jam is any indication, it should be one of the most notable records of the year. Stream “Violence” below and pre-order Faith in Strangers over at Bleep.

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