Coconot: Cosa Astral


Well before Pablo Díaz-Reixa (a.k.a. El Guincho) released his solo debut, Alegranza, and was propelled into the international scene, he formed the band Coconot with Cristian Subirà and Jens Neumaier. In 2005 they released their first album, Novo Tropicalismo Errado, which took krautrock-influenced sounds with lo-fi punk sensibilites, and cloaked them in the rhythms of Latin America, the Caribbean and Spain. And now, as El Guincho prepares for his expansive upcoming tour, Coconot is readying their sophomore release, Cosa Astral.

On their latest effort, Coconot delve much further into swirling tropicalismo-psychedelics, often conjuring up the kinds of sounds that dominated Alegranza. Album opener “Conservad el Rayo”, with its relentless steel drums, Animal Collective-recalling melodies and chants (see Feels, “Brother Sport”), and earnestly joyous vocals, is one of the more obvious examples. And though this aesthetic carries much of the record, Coconot allow their rock edge to cut through the sunny psych-pop on a few tracks. The centerpiece of Cosa Astral, “Tao”, features a surging interplay of keyboard and guitar hooks, while “Polen Muchacha!” is an equally ethereal jam with guitar work reminiscent of The Forms. Fans of El Guincho and AC pay attention: this album should be up near the top of your wishlists.

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Download: Coconot – Conservad el Rayo
Buy: Cosa Astral will be available to order over at BCore Disc on Oct. 15.

You can also stream another excellent track, “Verbena de los Delfines”, at PlayGround Magazine. Peep the full tracklist and album art for Cosa Astral after the jump.

Coconot - Cosa Astral

1. Conservad el Rayo
2. Te Tenía en Cinta
3. Verbena de los Delfines
4. Si Apuntas y No Matas Todo
5. Tao
6. Polen Muchacha!
7. El Final del Sonido Tropical
8. Miles de Ojos
9. Ibiza