shh#ffb6c1, Secret Songs’ First Comp <3


Whether effortlessly blending trapped-out hip-hop with SNES classics, choppin’ up somethin’ next level for any number of MCs, or crafting his own beautiful original compositions, Ryan Hemsworth has long been reshaping the musical landscape as a DJ, producer, and songwriter. The man has many styles, moving from the charmingly twee, to the profoundly emotional, to the dark and moody. Yet, no matter how disparate they may appear, all of his works seem to have that Hemsworth touch, his oblique fingerprints hiding in the folds of the melodies, or the textures of the synths, or the rhythms of the drumwork.

As if all that wasn’t enough, Ryan recently revealed his latest endeavor as the curator of Secret Songs, a new bi-weekly series of Soundcloud-distributed tracks that features a slew of underappreciated up-and-coming producers. To celebrate the release of the first ten jams via Secret Songs, which have all been excellent, Hemsworth has organized the first compilation for the series: shh#ffb6c1. A collection of ten new songs all inspired by “light pink”, this cleverly-titled (#ffb6c1 is the HTML color code for light pink) inaugural comp was clearly put together by a masterful selector. Not only is shh#ffb6c1 packed with quality—from “PC Music Princess” GFOTY‘s blistering, brain-melting opener, to Kero Kero Bonito‘s intoxicatingly catchy “Flamingo”, to the fragile longing of Cuushe‘s “Do You Feel Me”— but the compilation also flows pitch perfectly, each track representing a fragment of Ryan Hemsworth’s excellent and eclectic taste.

You can stream shh#ffb6c1 in its entirety below and download the comp over at the Secret Songs website. Thanks Hemmy, can’t wait for more. <3

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